Antiseptics, bacteria static
& activated carbon

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Polihexanide (PHMB)

Silver (Ag)

fatty acid derivative (DACC)


Octenidine - transparent, as a spray (antiseptic) and as gel.

Polihexanid (PHMB = Poly-hexa-methylen-Biguanide) - transparent, as a spray and a gel, also in combination with dressings

Silver (Ag) - widely spread in diverse combinations, no evidence for the necessary silver concentration.

Dialcyl carbamoyl chloride (DACC) - hydrophobe properties allow bacterial binding

Superabsorber - draw water and bacteria out of the exuding wounds into the dressing.


Deployment in case of clinical signs of infection
- rubor, calor, dolor, tumor
- smell of green colour

The products should be gentle to the wound, pain avoiding and transparent in order to allow wound assessment

Decission-finding aid for wounds at risk (W.A.R.-Score)


Octenidine - pain (rare) switch to Polihexanide
cartilage, intraabdominal, bladder

Polihexanid - cartilage, intraabdominal, bladder

Silver (Ag) - pain by removal


Octenidine: Do not instillate under pressure, ensure drainage
minimal time iof exposure Octenisept®: approx. 2 minutes

use within 3 years

PHMB: minimal time of exposure for PHMB-solutions: ca. 10 min.
use within 6-8 weeks

Silver: certain products need moisturising with saline / aqua dest / or drink water. Persistent black pigmentation of skin possible (oxide), removal is painfull.

DACC-gauze / tamponade: needs moisture, combination with hydrogel, not with fat. Loose stuffing, visible end, cut ends tend to fluff.

Change of dressing

In case of wound infection plan change of dressing individually, tendencially more frequent, for instance with antiseptically soaked gauze. In case of missing remission consider surgical debridement.

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alginate with silver

transparent antiseptics

activated carbon with silver

The WundUhr® - WoundWatch - offers an orienting productneutral overview of the basics of phase appropiate modern wound treatment. For further information about the dressing materials we recommend to consult the manufacturers. The missing improvement of a wound within 14 days must lead to the search of an overlooked source.

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