photos: Riepe, Bültemann

easily applied by syringe

in order to soften slough

autolytic prior to active debridement


- watery gel, dissolves slough, softens hard necrosis
- assists autolytic debridement


- dry wounds
- slough and necrosis


- heavily exuding, wet wounds


- apply 2-3mm thick - avoid contact to skin (beware of maceration)
- autolytic debridement is more effective under foil (beware of infection)
- individually possible coverage with greasy gauze, impregnated compresses or modern contact layers

Change of dressing

- on demand, before dried up

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The WundUhr® - WoundWatch - offers an orienting productneutral overview of the basics of phase appropiate modern wound treatment. For further information about the dressing materials we recommend to consult the manufacturers. The missing improvement of a wound within 14 days must lead to the search of an overlooked source.

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